Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Summer Holiday

Last time we has a holiday in a week. In second day of holiday I and my family went to Solo by train. At the train the condition so very busy. I stayed in my grandma’s home. At the night we went to my uncle’s house because he is so ill. In third day of holiday I and my family went to Klaten. Fourth day of holiday I just stayed at home, I watched TV, ate and online. In fifth day of holiday I, my sister, my uncle and so on visited my grandma’s sister in Klaten.
            At 29 December I went to Yogyakarta by train. In Yogyakarta I visited Malioboro, Taman Pintar, and (benteng) Vredeburg. At Malioboro the condition so very busy because many people traveling in there. After that I went to Taman Pintar by pedicab, in the journey I see many people shopping at Malioboro, Ramayana Plaza and Beringharjo market. In Taman Pintar was a very amazing to see a lot of scientific playground. I tried many experiment there. The behind of Taman Pintar is (benteng) Vredeburg. I saw many ancient things. At 14.30 I back to Tugu Station to went home by train. In the journey went home  the rain to fall. That day was rather tiring but I was really happy.